Lash Artist & Aesthetician 

Courtney has an unparalleled ability to read clients’ needs, and has a keen eye for detail. She prides herself in providing above-and-beyond service. 

True artistry, warm personality and a genuine desire to relate to each client are what separate her from other professionals in the industry. She has the innate ability to customize each individual’s eyelashes, in turn giving each person their very own, unique set of eyelashes that enhances their own natural beauty. Basically, she’s somewhat of a beauty psychic, Really.

Courtney holds bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Women’s Studies, -- something she brings to the table in her everyday work practice. Prior to becoming an achieved Lash Artist, Courtney launched her career as a highly regarded member in the field of medical aesthetics. Her professionalism is matched only by her innate warmth, creating a supreme level of comfort. Not only do clients leave feeling stunning and transformed, but like they have just received a free counseling session! When Courtney is not working her lash magic, she can be found overdosing on the History Channel with her husband or watching bad BBC movies with her cat, Willoughby She’s the shop’s ultimate movie buff, especially when it comes to faces. We dare you to challenge her at film trivia.

Her philosophy is simple: Love what you do, and strive be the best at it.